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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Western Center's State Budget Bulletin - May 14, 2015
Legislative Blog

State Budget Bulletin: Governor's Budget Takes Some Steps to Reduce Poverty But Falls Short ... Read More..

Not Just a Ferguson Problem - How Traffic Courts Drive Inequality in California
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  Low-income Californians are being disproportionately impacted by state laws and procedures relate... Read More..

California’s lifetime ban on food assistance and public benefits for people convicted of a drug felony lifted on April 1, 2015
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  On April 1st, California’s repeal of a 17 year old law, banning food and basic needs assistance... Read More..

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Assembly Sub-Committee Rejects CalWORKs Budget Cuts

Last week's Senate and Assembly Budget Committees held hearings concerning Governor Jerry Brown's proposed budget cuts to CalWORKs and Child Care  Current and former recipients of CalWORKs and their community partners held a rally at the capitol and testified at the hearings culminating in the rejection of the cuts in the Assembly Human Services Committee.   

Last week's Senate and Assembly budget hearings concerning the Governor's proposed budget cuts brought large crowds of concerned parents and community partners to the state capitol.  Below is a list of press received and links to photos of the week's activities.  The words of those who testified at the hearing were not lost on Assembly Budget Subcommittee Chairwoman Holly Mitchell and members of the committee who voted to reject the proposed cuts to CalWORKs and the Budget Chairman Bob Blumenfield who visited the hearing to state his support for the Subcommittee's decisions.

You can learn more about the Governor's Proposed Cuts to Childcare and CalWORKs by listening to a recently recorded webinar on the topic hosted by the California Center for Research on Women's and Families:  http://ccrwf.org/working-families-policy-project/working-families-web-forum/safety-net/



Upcoming Budget Hearings - Spring 2012

Wed 3/7               Assembly Joint Bud HHS & Aging, Long Term Care          
SUBJECT: Long–Term Care Integration and Medi–Cal Managed Care: The
Future for Beneficiaries, The Work Force, and Our Health Care
Thurs 3/8             Senate Bud Subcommittee 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Managed Health Care, Department of Public Health, Dept. of Health Care Services
Wed 3/14            Assembly Joint Bud 1 & Sub 2
SUBJECT: Child Care and CalWORKs
Thurs 3/15           Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Health and Human Services Agency OSI, Department of Aging, Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Social Services CalFresh, IHSS, SSI/SSP and CMIPS
Wed 3/21            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Health and Human Services Agency Issues, Automation Projects, CalFresh, Department of Social Services BCPs
Thurs 3/22           Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Governor’s 2012–13 K–12 Budget Proposals
Mon 3/26            Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: 4300 Department of Developmental Services, Independent Living Council, Department of Social Services IHSS
Mon 3/26            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Emergency Medical Services Authority and Department of Public Health
Wed 3/28            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Developmental Services
Mon 4/9               Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Department of Health Care Services
Tues 4/10            Assembly Bud Sub 2 Ed Fin
SUBJECT: Department of Education Governor’s 2012–13 Budget Proposals: Child Care & Child Nutrition
Wed 4/11            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Community Services Department, Department of Rehabilitation,
Aging, IHSS, Including Domestic and Related Services
Reduction, and SSI/SSP
Thurs 4/12           Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Department of Health Care Services, Medi–Cal Mental Health Services and Drug Medi–Cal, Behavioral Health Reorganization, Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Department of State Hospitals
Mon 4/16            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board
Wed 4/18            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Child Support Services, Social Services and April Finance
Thurs 4/19           Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Health & Human Services Agency OSI, Department of Social Services, Child Welfare Services, Adult Protective Services, Statewide Automated Welfare System, Child Welfare Services/Case Management System
Mon 4/23            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Department of Managed Health Care and Department of Health Care Services
Wed 4/25            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Alcohol and Drug Programs Proposals and Drug Medi–Cal
Transition Oversight
Wed 4/25            Assembly Bud Sub 4 Admin
SUBJECT: Department of Housing and Community Development, California Housing Finance Agency, All Departments Open Issues. 
Thurs 4/26           Senate Bud Sub 3 HHS
SUBJECT: Health and Human Services, Department of Health Care Services, Duals Expansion and Long–Term Care Services Integration, Department of Aging
Thurs 4/26           Senate Bud Sub 5
SUBJECT: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Health Care (Receiver)
Mon 4/30            Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Office of Statewide Health Planning, Department of State Hospitals, Department of Mental Health
Wed 5/2               Assembly Bud Sub 1 HHS
SUBJECT: Child Welfare and Realignment of Social Services Programs and
April 1st Letters


Some of the Media Coverage of Budget Hearings

Assembly Rejects Browns CalWORKs Proposal

Subcommittee Rejects $950 Million in Cuts to CalWORKs

Good News for CalWORKs

CalWORKs Supporters Rally Against Budget Cuts



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