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Saturday, January 31, 2015
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WCLP News and Noteworthy
Eight of the ten Western Center sponsored bills that went to the Governor were signed into law.
Success Stories

Health, Human Services and Access to Justice legislation!

State sued over failure to provide over 200,000 people with Medi-Cal
In the News

By January 2014, over one and one half million people submitted new applications for Medi-Cal as the Affordable Care Act went into effect.  In March an estimated 900,000 applications were unprocessed and still pending...

Major Supreme Court Victory for Innocent Tenants Caught in Foreclosures
In the News

Western Center and co-counsel secured a groundbreaking national victory on behalf of the often forgotten victims of the foreclosure crisis. Read more...


Legislative Blog and Notes
Governor's Budget Offers Little Relief to Poor Californians
Notes on the Legislature
Governor Brown today released his January 2015-16 budget proposal. The $113.3 billion budget is not only balanced but has both a budget surplus and $2.4 billion placed into the budget reserve. Meanwhile, this budget continues the pattern established by the Brown Administration of providing little or no funding increases for the safety net which was cut severely in the recession. It makes no proposal to reduce California's astronomical poverty rate of nearly 24 percent or reduce the impact on children from living in deep poverty.
Human Service Bills: Some Signed - Some Vetoed
Notes on the Legislature
Western Center summarizes Governor Jerry Brown's actions taken on Human Services and Access to Jobs & Justice bills that we were tracking during the 2014 legislative session.
Several Western Center Sponsored Bills Signed Before Deadline
Notes on the Legislature
The Governor took action on several Western Center sponsored bills hours before the midnight deadline on September 30th deadline.
Statement: Governor's Signature on AB 1522
Notes on the Legislature
Today, Governor Jerry Brown will sign Assembly Bill 1522, authored by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez, which establishes the right to paid sick days for most employees. Western Center offers an analysis of why California’s pioneering new law will reduce poverty and dependence on public benefits.
Statement: Diaper Need Awareness Month
Notes on the Legislature
Western Center on Law and Poverty joins the National Diaper Bank Network and their California Partners in drawing attention to the problem of childhood deep poverty and the consequences of unmet basic needs.


Did You Know?
What it takes to live in California

Did You Know??

  • A minimum wage worker in California earns only $1,340/month.
  • In order to afford the fair market rent of a 2-bedroom apartment ($1,249/mo), a minimum wage worker would have to work 120 hours/week, 52 weeks per year.
  • In Los Angeles, a tenant needs to earn $25/hour to afford the average 2-bedroom apartment.
  • 6.6 million Californians lack health insurance – the highest in the nation.
  • 70% of uninsured children are in families where the head of household has a year-round, full-time job.


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