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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Western Center

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WCLP News and Noteworthy
Major Supreme Court Victory for Innocent Tenants Caught in Foreclosures
In the News

Western Center and co-counsel secured a groundbreaking national victory on behalf of the often forgotten victims of the foreclosure crisis. Read more...

Court of Appeal Rules that Big Banks Step into Shoes of Foreclosed Landlords When Trying to Evict Tenants
Success Stories

Thousands of Innocent Tenants Caught in the Foreclosure Process Protected. Read more...

Governor Brown Signs Western Center Sponsored Housing Bill Protecting Survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
In the News

The Governor has signed  SB 612 (Leno), which will protect survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking by expanding the accepted forms of documentation for evidence of abuse for purposes of terminating a residential lease, and safeguarding the documentation’s confidentiality.  Read more...

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Legislative Blog and Notes
Western Center Sponsored Bills Face Final Hurdles
Notes on the Legislature
Aug. 31 Last day for each house of the California state legislature to pass bills. Several Western Center sponsored bills to help secure housing, healthcare and a strong safety net for low-income Californians still moving through the legislative process.
Western Center Statement in Support of SB 270
Notes on the Legislature
The Western Center on Law and Poverty supports SB 270, which replaces a confusing patchwork of rules in more than 120 municipalities throughout the state that have passed local ordinances to ban single-use plastic bags and require a fee for a replacement bag.
AB 2252 Signed into Law: California Protects Child Support Deposited to Prepaid Cards
Notes on the Legislature
A new California law prohibits overdraft fees and extends other protections to child support payments that are collected by the state and deposited into prepaid card accounts held by recipient parents was signed into law today by Governor Jerry Brown.
2014 Budget Act Human Services Summary
Notes on the Legislature
On June 20, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed the state budget and the “trailer” bills that implement many of the provisions provided for in the budget. Western Center on Law and Poverty has provided a summary of the human service actions taken and not taken in the Budget Act of 2014-15.
Justice: A Long Time Coming
Notes on the Legislature

The Budget Act of 2014, signed by Governor Brown last week, repeals the lifetime ban for people as long as they are complying with the conditions of their probation or parole. The new law will be enacted April 1, 2015. This decision follows over a decade of organizing that culminated in this year’s broad coalition of over 140 community-based organizations, including those led by Californians impacted by the law.


Did You Know?
What it takes to live in California

Did You Know??

  • A minimum wage worker in California earns only $1,340/month.
  • In order to afford the fair market rent of a 2-bedroom apartment ($1,249/mo), a minimum wage worker would have to work 120 hours/week, 52 weeks per year.
  • In Los Angeles, a tenant needs to earn $25/hour to afford the average 2-bedroom apartment.
  • 6.6 million Californians lack health insurance – the highest in the nation.
  • 70% of uninsured children are in families where the head of household has a year-round, full-time job.


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